PIKI Library rules

Welcome to PIKI Libraries!

PIKI, or the libraries of Pirkanmaa Region, offer library services to residents in 22 municipalities in Pirkanmaa by using shared systems. PIKI libraries are open to all. Their collections, services and facilities are available for all who follow the rules of use.

The rules of use promote the comfort, order, and safety of libraries. The rules of use are based on the Public Libraries Act (1492/2016) and are viewable in all PIKI libraries and the website

User privacy

PIKI libraries have a shared library system. The library has the right to record the personal identity codes of its customers, their guardians and the people responsible for the joint accounts of customer communities. Personal data are used only for library services.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the customer has the right to check their information stored in the library register and to demand correction of incorrect information.

The rights of a registered person and the instructions on their implementation are available on the websites of the respective municipalities.

Personal data can be released only to parties mentioned in the privacy statement. The privacy statement is viewable in the libraries and the PIKI online library.

Privacy statement:

Library card and PIN code

The first library card is free of charge and it can be obtained from any PIKI library. The card is always personal, also that of a person under 15 years of age. Each customer can only use one library card of the shared PIKI system.

You can obtain a library card by presenting an identity document with your photograph and personal identity code and giving a valid postal address in Finland. Under-15-year-olds can get a library card with a written consent of their guardian. If the customer does not have a Finnish personal identity code, the card is valid for one year at a time.

An identity document with a photograph can be one of the following:

  • identity document of an EU country
  • passport
  • identity card
  • Finnish driving license
  • Kela card with a photograph, for under-18-year-olds also a Kela card without a photograph
  • Residence card of a reception centre located in Finland
  • Residence permit issued by the Finnish Immigration Service

In order to get a library card, daycare centres, schools and other institutions or communities need an adult that is responsible for the joint account.

The library card is needed for borrowing, using an identity document for borrowing is permitted only under special circumstances and only on a one-time basis.

The cardholder or their guardian is responsible for the borrowed material and fees. The personal nature of library services also applies to self-service.

The library card is paired with a PIN code. The code is needed, for example, when logging in to the PIKI online library, using booking systems, self-service kiosks, self- service libraries and electronic materials.

Library must be notified of changes in contact information. The library system’s information is not automatically updated from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Contact information includes your name, address, telephone number and email address. You can change your contact information in the online library, with the exception of your name.

If a library card is lost, the customer must notify the library immediately. The customer is not responsible for the material that has been borrowed with the lost card after it has been reported missing.

Loans, returns and renewals

Library users must handle the materials and other library property with care.

The material must be returned or renewed at the latest on the due date, during the library’s opening hours. Loans can be renewed in the online library by midnight.

A loan can be renewed five times if it has no reservations. VIP loans cannot be renewed.

If a library has a drop box for returns, the customer can return loans to it on their own responsibility. Loans returned in the drop box will be registered in the library on the next day the library is open for service and has staff present. Therefore, material returned in the drop box may accumulate late fees until the return is registered.

The customer can have no more than 300 loans and 300 reservations at a time.

Statutory age restrictions limit the borrowing and use of movies, TV shows and digital games in the library. The library is not liable for potential damage to customer’s devices caused by borrowed material.

The loan periods may vary from 1 to 28 days. The library sends the first request for return 7 days after the loan’s due date, the second one after 21 days and the third one after 35 days. If there is a reservation on the material, a request for return is sent immediately after the due date.

A late fee is charged for loans that are returned late.

Unreturned loans and unpaid compensations are forwarded to invoicing or debt collection.

Fees and material compensation

Using, borrowing and reserving the libraries’ own materials, as well as any guidance and counselling in the libraries, is free of charge. The materials of the children’s and youth section do not accumulate late fees, with the exception of the VIP materials of the youth section. No late fees or delivery fees are charged for the materials borrowed through the library’s home service.

Charges apply to:

  • loan that is renewed or returned after the due date, wherein late fee is charged
  • request for return, invoice and debt collection
  • uncollected reservation
  • regional reservation (material that is delivered from another PIKI municipality)
  • interlibrary loans (material is ordered from outside PIKI libraries)
  • damaged, lost or unreturned material and other library property
  • replacing a lost or damaged library card with a new one

Libraries in some municipalities may also provide other chargeable services, such as photocopying and printing. More detailed payment information is available on the libraries’ own websites and PIKI online library.

The customer receives a notice on a loan’s approaching due date if a functioning email address is disclosed in the customer information. The due date reminder is an additional service that does not exempt the customer from late fees, even if they did not receive a notice.

The customer must compensate the damaged material with corresponding material or pay for its cost, which is determined by the library. Due to item-specific copyright fees, certain items, such as movies, cannot be compensated with corresponding material.

Fees can be paid at any PIKI library that has a cash register and in the PIKI online library. Paid fees are not reimbursed to the customer.

Suspension of borrowing privileges

If the customer does not return their loans or pay their fees, they lose their borrowing privileges in all PIKI libraries until the material is returned or compensated and the accumulated fees paid. Borrowing privileges are suspended when the accumulated fees amount to 15 euros or more.

The customer whose borrowing privileges have been suspended can still visit the libraries and use their premises, collections, electronic materials and equipment.

Self-service libraries

Self-service libraries are libraries that customers can use also in self-service hours, outside the regular service hours. During self-service hours, there is no staff present at the library. During self-service hours, the library is accessible with your own PIKI library card and the corresponding PIN code. More detailed information on self-service libraries is available on the libraries’ own websites.

Only the cardholder may use the card and PIN code to enter during self-service hours. If a guardian visits the library with children, it suffices that only the guardian logs in. Third parties must not be allowed to enter the library during self-service hours. The customer that logged in is responsible for their own actions as well as for those of any people that accompanied them. The guardian is responsible for the behaviour of an underage person as well as any possible damage they may cause. The security of self-service libraries is monitored via access control and recording video surveillance.

Suspension of library use privileges

A public library is a public place governed by the Public Order Act. If the library’s operation is disturbed or public safety compromised, the Public Order Act is applied.

If a library user repeatedly and notably disturbs the library’s operation, behaves in a disturbing or threatening manner, endangers public safety, or damages the library’s property, they can be suspended from using a certain library for a maximum of 30 days. Before issuing the suspension, the municipality must hear the person in question.

The suspension requires an administrative decision, wherein the user is entitled to claim a rectification in accordance with the Municipalities Act. Each PIKI municipality appoints the municipal officer that makes the decisions on suspending library use privileges. A suspended customer may not visit the library from which they are suspended.

Other information

In addition to PIKI libraries’ shared rules of use, libraries may have their own library-specific rules and guidelines. Rules of use are valid in all libraries that have joined PIKI libraries.

These rules of use annul the rules of use that took effect on 1 January 2018. These rules of use take effect on 1 September 2023 and are valid until further notice.

The PIKI executive committee has approved these rules of use on 10 May 2023.