Data protection

Management of personal information on Finna

When a user logs on to Finna from, from an online library built on the Finna platform or from another Finna interface, the following information is stored on the service, depending on the login method:

When logging in with a library card, the user’s library card number, PIN code, first and last name, email address and home library are stored on the service. The data is automatically transferred to Finna from the library that issued the card.

Information is collected and managed for the execution of the Finna service at the National Library of Finland and CSC – IT Centre for Science (service providers).

This information is stored for the following purposes:

Information Purpose
Email Default address for email, can be edited by the user on Finna
First name Showing information to a logged in user
Last name Showing information to a logged in user
Library card number User authentication
PIN code User authentication for service interfaces
Home library Default pick-up location for holds, can be edited by the user on Finna

Users can also save and modify their own data on Finna. Finna will only send emails requested by the user to the email address stored on Finna. These can include due date reminders and new entry alerts.

In addition to the data mentioned above, Finna may store data as a consequence of the user’s activity in Finna. For example, such information includes the language(s) used, receiving due date reminders and new entry alerts, records saved in your lists, library cards you have added and social metadata (comments, reviews, tags).

Other services that process personal information (e.g., browsing borrowed and reserved materials and fees, reserving materials and renewing loans) use the service interfaces of the library system, and do not store any information on Finna, with the exception of optional due date reminders. The ID number of the loan and the due date are stored on the service when sending out due date reminders. This information helps to ensure that each due date reminder is sent out only once.

You may at any time delete your information on Finna by closing your account on the service. All data is automatically deleted once more than 18 months have passed since you last logged into the service. After your account has been removed, any comments and feedback you may have provided will remain anonymous; that is, it does not contain your personal data. If you would also like to delete your comments and reviews, you will need to do so manually before closing the account. As a Finna user, you can request information about how your personal information is used by contacting the service administrator at the National Library using the feedback form. As a user, you have the right to review and correct your personal information.

For more information, please see the Data Privacy Notice.

Finna’s collections and your personal information

The organisation providing the materials available on the Finna service (the website, the online library built on the Finna platform or another Finna interface) is the party responsible for all of the provided materials and the descriptive information about the materials. Some of the available materials and descriptive information may contain personal information, such as names or photographs. If you have questions, or, for example, you need to correct or request to have some of the information deleted, you should contact the archive, library or museum which has provided the material on Finna. You can reach the relevant authority by using the Contact form available on the website for every item. If the form is missing from the Finna online library or other Finna interface, you can use the online library’s or the service interface’s own feedback form.

If user comments about Finna materials contain personal information which needs to be corrected or removed, you may indicate your request on the feedback form.

Use of personal information for interlibrary loans

Some of the online libraries built on the Finna platform allow you to request materials via interlibrary loan. Your home library automatically provides the following information about you to the library receiving the interlibrary loan request: your name, personal identification number, contact information, library card information, and your library customer ID. The information is transferred directly from one library to another. Finna does not process or store any of the information needed to request materials via interlibrary loan. Your information is deleted from the library receiving the interlibrary loan request as soon as you no longer have any active holds, loans or unpaid fines to the library in question.

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