Can I return my loans to another library? Yes, you can return items borrowed from a PIKI Library to any other PIKI Library without fees. Instruments and sports equipments are an exception, they can only be returned to the same library that they were borrowed from.

How can I renew my loans? Can I renew them in the PIKI chat? You can renew your loans at PIKI Online Library, with the PIKI mobile library application, or by contacting the library by phone, email or chat, or at the library’s customer service. For more information, see loans and renewals on the Support page

How can I restore a (forgotten) PIN code? If you do not know your PIN code, you can get a new one by visiting the library. Please, remember to take your ID with you. The PIN code is not given in an email, on the phone or on the chat.

How do I login to PIKI Online Library? Your library card number and PIN code are used to login to PIKI Online Library.

How can I cancel a reservation that is ready for pick up? If the reservation is in transit or ready for pick up, you cannot cancel it as self-service. To cancel it, please contact the library that you chose as your pick up library for the reservation.

How can I reserve items? You can make a reservation at the library’s customer service, by phone or at PIKI Online Library, or the PIKI mobile library application. Items that are currently available at a library can also be reserved. A normal reservation is free of charge, but a fee of 1 EUR will be charged for an uncollected reservation. A regional reservation, which is a reservation made to an item in another municipality’s library, has a fee of 2 EUR. For more information, see placing reservations in PIKI Online Library on the support page.

How do I get a library card? You can get a PIKI library card from the customer service of any PIKI Library. All you need with you is a valid ID with a photo and a social security number. Accepted IDs are, for example, a driving license, a Kela card with a photo or a passport. The library also accepts temporary identification cards. Anyone under the age of 15 can get a library card with a written approval from the guardian. The guardian is responsible for the loans of a person under the age of 15. You can acquire an electric library card by signing in to PIKI Online Library with your library card number and PIN code (the library card can be found at the Library Cards page), or by downloading the PIKI Mobile application or the Tampere.Finland application. For more information, see the applications page. Sign in to the application with your library card number and PIN code. Do not loose or destroy you original card. For now, you have to have a normal library card before you can acquire an electric library card.

How do I login with a mobile device? When using a mobile device, you can login to PIKI Online Library with your library card number and PIN code. Depending on the size of your mobile device, the login is shown as a “Login” button or as a person icon indicating login.

How will I know a reservation is ready for pick up? The library sends a notice of every reservation ready for pick up by email, text message or mail depending on your own choice. You can choose the way the notice is sent at PIKI Online Library in your own information page, or at the library’s customer service. Please, check your contact information.

How can I leave an acquisition request? You can make an acquistion proposal online or at the library. Every acquisition request will be taken into account, but unfortunately the libraries cannot acquire everything that has been requested. Before leaving an acquisition request, please check the library's collection at PIKI Online Library or ask for the item at the customer service.